Archive: October 2018

The Importance of Music [in] Education

By: Samantha Blafford
Recently, the cutting of funding for arts education at schools has been an issue that seems to be growing exponentially. This poses a problem for many students, who are a part of a music conservatory, like myself, who want to ...

The Critical Period: from a future SLP’s point of view

By: Lauren Vernikov

Why do we tutor English? It is the native language of many children that comes into our office. It is spoken by at least one person in every household of our community. Yet, we have children as young as three years old being ...

A Different Learner, A Different Teacher

By: Jonathan Ingwer

When teaching a young student, one has to be a dynamic thinker. A good educator teaches in a way that the student is able to understand and perceive the material, not in the way that the educator deems correct all around. ...

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