About us


The main idea is simple, we understand children and how children learn. We use that understanding to devise customized and individualized programs for each one of our kids by mixing the psychology of how children and people learn with the art that is teaching. We work tirelessly on creating a bridge between education and the most pertinent factors of your child’s learning and development, such as psychology, speech therapy, occupational therapy, emotional and social identity, and more. Your tutor will be trained in these factors and methodologies and put them to work with our unique and fun approaches to create the best possible option for your child.

What we do may seem simple at first, but seeing progress and results within weeks of starting will bring the unspeakable joy that we are all too familiar with the joy of seeing your child succeed and more importantly, seeing them enjoy learning and take pride in doing it well. We work on heightening logical reasoning and self-interpretation while also holding true a stern and structured learning style. With us, we attack from all angles, making sure that any factor affecting your child’s learning abilities is not just observed and noted, but implemented into their lessons each day.


Each member of the THINKteam, from our creators to our administration team, and especially our tutors, has a true commitment to our students, our community, and to helping each and every child further themselves academically and developmentally. While we understand that with any business it is easy to be skeptical of sincerity, we would like to assure you, with as much power as is vested in our written communication, that we truly hold the success of our students on the highest pedestal. And while, yes, we are a business, we want you to know that our main concern always has, is now, and will forever remain that twinkle in your child’s eye as they present you with their successful report cards and beam about their achievements with pride. Cliches become cliches for a reason and we stick by this one whole-heartedly – children are our future and we should invest whatever is available into helping them achieve success for the long run. We work with the intent to build long-lasting relationships of trust and mentorship with each student. Your successes are our success and your struggles are our responsibility to help with. We are in this together and we are in this for the long run. This is our promise and this is our commitment.

Thank you for instilling trust in us to work with your child and family.


Shira Shvartsman comes from an educational and linguistic background. Shira worked as a private tutor for years before creating the concept for THINK&Co. She holds a Masters degree in Linguistics from Hofstra University and is currently a graduate student at Columbia University in the Education of Lingusitics program. She has published research on child language acquisition and is continuously working on her literacy teaching approach, utilized as the main teaching approach at THINK&Co. Her work also delves into community outreach, and she holds personal relationships with the parents and families of THINK&Co. students, THINKsters.


Dr. Lana Gaiton is a New York City Psychologist, with over a decade of experience as a psychologist before opening a group practice in 2014, named LG Psych NYC. Dr. Gaiton currently has six centers throughout three boroughs, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens, with dozens of therapists of varying specialties. Her Brooklyn practices specialize in child therapy and she has worked with a variety of modalities and patients to further her own knowledge, and that of her team, on how to best assist children and adolescents succeed psychologically. LG Psych NYC is a sister company of THINK&Co. and helps us work together to create a bridge between education and psychology.