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Academic Tutoring and Advanced Learning

Our Academic tutoring services help students catch up and get better at school - plain and simple!
If your child is struggling with a subject or with interest in a particular topic,
your THINKtutor is there to help teach and reteach foundations and create a bridge between difficulty and understanding.

Your tutor will help with school-specific needs, test prep, and general knowledge and skill building.

Advanced learning is best for students who are doing just fine in school but see that they're getting bored or could use a challenge
to push and excite their love for learning, exploring, and advancing. You can choose advanced learning for a specific subject, topic,
or get a general course of varying knowledge where your tutor plans different activities, lessons, and topics to teach.


$600 for 10 sessions!

What's Included?

Each lesson is planned as part of a program designed specifically for your child's needs and interests.

We pride ourselves on our methods grounded in linguistic, psychological, and academic approaches.


All lessons with us include individual variations of:

Academic Projects - which include artistic development as well as academic instruction and application

Activity Lessons - which turn a general lesson into something a child can look forward to and engage in

Interactive Games - Unique games are a big part of lessons, especially with practicing newly-learned material

Out of the Box Materials - we like to think outside the box. A book is a great tool but sometimes, a change of scenery is a great boost.

We utilize varying materials including arts and crafts materials, cookies and candies, and much more, to draw your child in to learning!

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