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We understand the importance and benefit of pushing our kids to be the best they can! We understand that there is untapped potential laying within each student and that sometimes, it's not easy to let it shine!

Our advanced learning offers lessons to students who are not behind, do not present difficulties in school, and those who are all around bright kids past the expected state-leveled requirements.

Tutors for this service are specifically trained to push a child to be the best they can, learn the most they can, and apply a new type of knowledge to advancing themselves academically and all around.

As we always say, investing in a tutor for your child does not mean your child is behind or lacking. With us specifically, it is simply allowing your child to see what they are capable of and push further to achieve a greater understanding of academics, love for learning, and respect for education for years to come.

We do not believe in pushing children past their limits, however certainly do hold advanced children to a certain caliber of performance. Students are immersed into advanced level material and taught specific tools by which to approach doing more advanced work. Progress is tracked closely to assure that your child is understanding and applying her/his new skills.

Take a look inside...

Sneak peak into some of our projects in action!

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All lessons include fun approaches, effective methodologies,

and strive to uncover each child's individual love for learning.

Advanced students get to apply their knowledge and

newly-learned tools to create elaborate projects and

activities each individually selected

to match and ignite your child's interests!


Program includes:

Individualized Plan of Success

Advanced Projects

Guided Museum Trips

Activity Lessons

Preparation for Exams

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