Art Classes

We have a strong belief in letting our children explore their own identities and talents. And so, your children have inspired us to create a new program for children with a truly talented artist,

Mira Kheyman.

She is a young, incredibly talented, multi-medium artist with specific experience teaching children about their passion for art!

Classes will be offered twice a week, with options for attendance to either one or two classes per week.
We will also offer private classes with Mira, upon request.

Set classes will be held in small groups of 6-8 students each.
We provide all materials as well as a thought out and progressive program, moving along as children are ready as a group, yet focusing on individual attention as well.

Sketching and pencil drawing
Drawing and sketching with color
Preparation for painting on canvas
Advanced canvas painting

$50 per class
$450 for 10 classes

Location will be at our Emmons Avenue location.
Please note that we need at least 5 students in each day to hold the class.
If interested, please fill out the form below.