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Trust me, it's worth
the investment!

Before your know it, your child will no longer be a child, and the time will come that they begin applying to college!

We know; it's hard to believe your eyes, right?!


Once the shock of the years passes, it's time to think realistically at what the best help for your child could be.

How do you help your child become a desirable candidate for the colleges they apply for?

What should they have done, should still do, how can their essays and personal statements be improved?

All valid questions, and we've got the answer!

THINK&CO. C.A.P. (yep, like the graduation caps, you see what we did there?)


No but seriously, you want your kid to learn what we have to offer.

There is a lot more than good grades that plays a factor in your child's chances for admission to their dream schools.


What about their resume? Their personal statement? Test scores? Recommendations?

Hey, did you think of community service? Do they have enough of it?

You know everyone loves a well-rounded student! Are they on any teams? Potential scholarship recipients?

How do they become candidates for scholarships? Did you know there are scholarship opportunities other than those the school offers?

Wait, what about work experience? Have they been published anywhere? YES, even at a high school level!

Have they been up to campus? Met with administrators and professors in their desired programs? Do they plan on it?

How about sitting in on a class? There are specific times best to do these types of things and specific preparations. Why not be aware?


So you see what we mean? Did you have all that covered?

If you did, please follow the link to our application for a job page (hehe)

If not, you are NOT alone, and we are here to help your (not so much anymore) child succeed as best possible!


Ready to schedule your initial evaluation? Click here.


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