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Our Code of Conduct is very simple and is in place to protect both you and our tutors.

Please take a few moments to read through and familiarize yourself with the code.


  1. There MUST be an adult aged 18 or older, present in the home from the time our tutor arrives to the time our tutor leaves. If the tutor arrives and sees that no adult is present, he/she will leave and you will lose the entirety of your payment for that session. No refunds will be applied and if you wish to reschedule, you will be responsible for another payment.

  2. You are not allowed to have recorder cameras in the location of the tutoring session. For example, say the tutor meets with your child in a home office, there must not be recording devices or cameras in the room. Live-feed is up to the tutor discretion and you have a legal obligation to let them know that a camera is in place.

  3. If you ever feel as though there is an issue with your tutor, please do not hesitate to let us know. Please keep in mind that our tutors are screened.

  4. Please also keep in mind that our tutors are screened while our clients are not. We may require verification of at least two accounts proving your identity, such as a Facebook account, or even an email. Again, this is for the safety of everyone involved.

  5. You, as the parent/guardian, should give your child and their tutor the allotted time and privacy to get the work done. Interruptions such as loud television, bringing in food, or others will disrupt the session. Please be mindful of the fact that the tutor is working and your child is learning.

  6. If your child attends private school, which does not oblige by New York State curriculum standards, our tutor will ask for a brief outline of what their teachers have planned for this year. You will be responsible for this communication, but THINK&Co. is happy to provide a request letter to provide your child's teacher.

  7. For our on-site group sessions, while more than welcome to wait in our waiting area, parents are not permitted in the classroom during the session. This office is a shared space so we ask everyone to be respectful of noise volumes, as well.




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