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We keep it simple.

Private sessions: each subject is tutored at 1-hour sessions. You are welcome to mix and match your options for subjects, dates, and times.

In order to guarantee our promise of results with confidence, we ask that you conform to our strategy in order to truly excel in any given subject matter. There is a 2-session (per subject, per week) minimum that we ask our clients to work with.

We are dedicated to helping you and your child, and ask you for the commitment to let us be that help.



General Tutoring

K-7 GRADE: $50/Hour Session

8-12 GRADE: $60/Hour Session

Special Needs Tutoring

Special needs tutoring requires a meeting with

one of our psychologists prior to sessions starting

and is offered to students who have some degree of mental

or behavioral illness.

Billed at $95/Session


Membership saves over 20% on the lessons and includes 2 sessions per week, 9-10 per month. 

(Requires a minimum of 3 months commitment, paid monthly)


The benefits of signing up for a membership are simple:

  • Better-planned curriculum

  • Monthly event free of charge

  • Museum trip discounts

  • Tutors communicate with your child's teacher and attend Parent Teacher Conferences with you, upon request



2x/week, $350 per month  


2x/week, $450 per month  

Please contact us for information on special needs

membership prices.


We are so happy to offer you our new service, collective group tutoring!

Collective tutoring is meant to give you the option of gathering your own small group of children, amongst friends and family, and get a discounted rate for a customized group tutoring experience.

With after school and evening availability at our Bensonhurst location, we are sure to find an option convenient for everyone in the group!

Please click here for more details!

Collective groups have a minimum of 3 students and a maximum of 5 students per class. The instructor coordinates material and time so that each student gets attention and has fun while learning!

PAY-PER-SESSION: $35/1.5 hour session/student


(includes 2 sessions per week)


Homework Helpers ........ $35 Per 45-minute session (in office) or $45 Per 1-Hour session (in home)

These tutors are specialized to assist your child with homework assignments, school projects, and other such tasks throughout the year. This service has a minimum commitment of three times per week at home or at our office(s). Homework Helpers service can be added either as an individual service or as an addition to a tutoring package. If added as an addition to a tutoring package, 20% discount on Homework Helpers applies!


CAP - College Admissions Prep ......... Initial Evaluation Fee - $50

This service is specifically created for the High School students, of varying progression, who are preparing to, or are in the middle of, applying for college. From admissions essays to academic tips, scholarship advice and application boosting, we will help you along the college application path. We suggest starting to think about college admissions as early as sophomore year of high school. Trust us, there is so much that can be done to make your child an even better applicant for their college of choice. The $50 evaluation fee allows for us to meet with you and your child and determine their progress as an applicant thus far. The evaluation lets us know how much assistance your child needs and with what specific features. From there, a price quote is created and you choose whether or not you wish to proceed. Prices range from one time fees of $250-500, or on an hourly basis, depending on what assistance your child needs. There is zero obligation after the initial evaluation to proceed with us.

Workshops ......... $30 per session or $25 per session when prepared monthly

Our workshops are catered to a variety of important life and school skills that can benefit children of all ages, such as penmanship, communication skills, and more. These hour long, once weekly, seminar-styled workshops allow your child to learn the important factors of each of workshop and learn to implement them throughout their daily routines. Schedule for current workshops will posted each week on our Facebook. Workshops are held at our Sheepshead Bay office and require a group of 6 or more students. For a list of our workshops, click here, and don't forget, we add new workshops regularly!

We also offer psychological testing, such as ADHD screening, Learning Disability testing, and more, at discounted rates for THINK&Co. clients.

For more information, please click here. This can be conducted in-home or at one of our offices throughout New York.

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