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Hi community and THINKparents!

We are so excited to announce our partnership with a wonderful organization, Graham Windham on an amazing project this winter and holiday season!


We are hosting a donation drive at THINK&Co. Advanced Learning and Tutoring Center in an effort to collect cold weather essentials for the children helped by the Graham Windham non-profit organization. We know that it’s easy to sometimes get wrapped up in our busy everyday lives, and forget for a moment to give gratitude for all that we have.

Unfortunately, for thousands of children in our beloved New York City, the luck isn’t as prevalent and especially now, as the cold falls upon us, it is important to take a moment and offer any help possible to help those less fortunate that we.

We are asking our THINKparents and all community members to donate whatever you can to this drive. For the months of October and November, we are working on collecting cold weather essentials, listed below, to then donate to Graham Windham children.

In December, we will switch gears a bit and start a drive for holidays gifts for the kids.

October and November Collections:            December Collections:

- Socks/warm boots                                           - Holidays gifts for children (all ages)

- Hats                                                            - Holiday gift cards

- Scarves                                                        - Greeting cards from your kids

- Gloves                                                         - Books and academic supplies

- Winter jackets                                                - Whatever you are able to give

* please note, all donations must be new and unused.

* you are also welcome to donate money directly to Graham Windham, following the link:


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We will make it is as easy as possible for you to donate, offering drop off centers at THINK&Co.’s Coney Island center, or you can set up a pick up and one of our team members will come right to you to collect the donations. We at THINK&Co. will join you all in the efforts to collect as much as possible for the children at Graham Windham, donating cold weather essentials and gifts as well!

If you would like to donate but are short on time of purchasing the supplies, please let us know and we will purchase for you, based on whatever amount you’d like!


You can learn more about the Graham Windham organization online at or by viewing the attached flyer!


Why we selected Graham Windham:


For the last year, our founder, Shira Shvartsman, has been following the work and efforts of Graham Windham and their continuous impact on the children and families within the New York City communities, admiring the effects of their hard work.


We strongly believe that time is a true testament to an organization’s success and impact and with over 212 years of history, Graham Windham has become a staple in New York City, serving over 4,500 families annually and bringing forth services that are truly inspirational, from mental health assistance, teaching underprivileged children, either from socioeconomic difficulties or those in the foster care system, to preventive measures for children from homes breaching neglect. Every child deserves the opportunities of a good education, a warm bed, and a loving home, but unfortunately, far from all children are fortunate enough to get any or all of these. Graham Windham, started by Alexander Hamilton’s wife, Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, has stood the test of time as a child welfare organization. From its early days as an orphanage, to its current roles in family and community support services, foster care and preventive services, and the Graham School, offering education to New York students in need. In 2006, Graham Windham celebrated 200 years with The Bicentennial Ball featuring honorary chairs First Lady Laura Bush, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Senator Charles E. Schumer and Governor George Pataki. They have been a force of good in our city and we are honored to be just a small part of their continual help programs.

Do you love us and our tutors? Are you seeing amazing improvement in your child’s academics or have you gotten back great State Exam scores after working with a THINKtutor? We want to hear from you, and so does our community!


We all know that reviews make the world go round and we are asking all THINKparents who have yet to leave reviews to please post about all your love for us and your tutor! By submitting a review for us on one or all of the three main platforms (Facebook, Google, and Yelp,) you get an entry into our raffle! Each platform review is worth one entry OR submit a review to all three platforms and get an extra entry on us!


The prize is your choice between an APPLE WATCH OR $200 GIFT CARD!


We’ve made it simple to leave a review! Just follow any or all of the links below and you’ll be taken directly to each platform!


The link to our Facebook is:

The link to our Yelp page is:

The link to our Google Page is:

The raffle is until November 1st! We look forward to your reviews and thank you for your participation!

Time for the Annual Reviews Raffle!

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