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Diana Esaiov

Hi! My name is Diana! As a current graduate student in Speech & Language pathology, I intertwine my speech and linguistic knowledge into all lessons. I take pride in working together with students to help them recognize the heights of academic success they have the potential to reach. My field of study encourages me to think outside of the box and see language learning from different views. I have experience as a writing tutor with older students and have privately tutored elementary school-aged children in reading comprehension, writing, and Jewish studies.


I have an undergraduate degree in Speech and Language Hearing Sciences and am bilingual in Hebrew and English. I am passionate about the idea of continuous growth in all aspects of life and strive to make children aware of their strengths and interests which can aid in their desire and ability to grow and flourish. Every child wants to succeed and I believe with the right tools and support, they most definitely will! I'm looking forward to learning with your child and joining your family in the journey of your child's development.

If you would like information about working with Diana, please email us!
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