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Dimitri Kveren

Hey! My name is Dimitri and I pride myself on the ability to connect with my students and create a comfortable learning environment. Having grown up in a family of many children, I became accustomed to learning and growing as a team player and being an influence academically and personally.


I was fortunate enough to have some great teachers throughout my academic career and use their influence in my own methodology as a tutor. Currently on a medical track, I understand the importance of hard work and effort, but also strive to create a better understanding of the logic behind even the toughest topics. I have great appreciation for mathematics and sciences, and love teaching others in a way that makes them equally fascinated by what knowledge in these subjects can bring in the real world.


My highest priority always lies in the results for my students and achieving not just better academic standing, but better understanding of learning and growing into educated adults.

If you would like information about working with Dimitri, please email us!
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