Early childhood learning

For parents of younger students, aged 2-4.5, we are offering a unique service with our Early Childhood Learning and Enrichment Program. Sessions are held similarly to those of tutoring, however includes a variety of topics, rather than one subject.

Our program includes focuses on:
Mathematics Concepts
Letter Association
Phonetic articulation and Sound Development
Learning Shapes and Color
Cognitive Responses and Command Response
Direction and Coordination Exercises
Attention Refocusing Exercises
Covering the Senses
Basic skills, such as tying shoes
and many more

Your child will be immersed in fun, interactive, and creative activities to hone in on these skills and develop new and exciting ways of learning topics such as these. Whether your child is already advanced, or if you would simply like to incorporate education at an early age, our program will aid in helping your child advance the way their mind works.

Our sessions are interactive and inclusive!
We will oftentimes provide assignments and projects that include the whole family, places within your home, and family members to broaden your child’s understanding of the world around him/her.

The main goal of this program is to help shape your child into a critical thinker. The skills your child will learn with us will carry through the years and, if properly maintained, will help to shape your child into a master academic one day.

Our tutors incorporate our materials and supplies, lessons plans and methodology, and most important, our psychological background and training, to provide truly unique and fun sessions for your child. We incorporate various objects around your child, including toys and other such things around the home to help your child find comfort in familiarity and then apply that comfort to new learning.
We also prepare you, the parent, for working with your child to help advance their thinking when we are not around, by providing game and activity ideas, as well as positive responses to seeing your child grow and develop!


We offer many additional services for early childhood development students, on the psychological side including, IQ testing and weekly therapy sessions for cognitive and psychological development.

IQ Testing: We offer this test with one of our NYS licensed therapists. Testing must be done at our office and takes, on average, 3-4 hours. While we do not offer Gifted & Talented test prep, IQ testing is a popular service that parents of Gifted and Talented candidates opt for. The cost of this test is approximately $400. Unfortunately, insurance does not typically cover this testing.
Psychological Testing: This testing is designed to help discern your child’s abilities, strengths, and potential deficits. It is entirely confidential and performed by one of our NYS licensed therapists, in office. The cost for this pricing varies, however please reach out to us with some information about your child and insurance. Some insurances do partially cover this testing.
Weekly Development Sessions: These sessions are especially designed for children who are advanced/advancing. Often times, we see children advancing in several academic factors but do not often realize that their cognitive and psychological sides might not be up to speed. By incorporating a weekly session with a NYS licensed therapist, we are able to assure that your child’s progression is balanced, wherein they are advancing both academically and psychologically. Imbalanced advancement may lead to issued down the line so this service create a safe space for your child to grow and develop properly. With tutors and therapists working together, your child is assured a balanced progression and healthy advancement goals. These sessions are more likely to be covered by insurance, depending on your carrier. If you are interested in this service, you can easily confirm with your insurance whether weekly sessions with a psychologist are covered in your plan. We also offer affordable rates for those out of network or holding a carrier we do not accept. These sessions are available for all ages, not only early childhood development clients. Please reach out for more information!