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As part of an attempt to bring learning and education into everyone's lives, we also hold monthly events.

These events range from seminars, to group art classes.

We try to cover it all and let your children have an educational environment that also doubles as a fun activity for them to enjoy.

Please note, however, that this events are on a sign-up basis. Most times, we try and keep them as inexpensive as possible.

They are held at various locations and are entirely on RSVP basis, with a minimum amount of RSVPs to proceed.

Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and via our email updates to get notifications about new and upcoming events!


See pictures from our last event here.

Make your own book activity: We invite children, ages 5-10, to join us in our Make Your Own Book activity. Not only will this activity help your child develop imagination through creative thinking, but also help them work on their writing, grammar, and spelling skills as they write their book on their own! Your child will also be asked to illustrate their story, giving them a fun activity to do alongside writing their story! Parents are encouraged to interact with their kids and their book making. At the end of the activity, you get to take home a beautiful and long-lasting, hardcover book, created by your child!


Dates: We announce pre-set dates 2 weeks in advance, but you can gather 10 kids and we'll set it up for you any time!

Cost: $25 per child, adults free! Price includes refreshments, snacks, and of course, the book!

Scavenger Hunt: We invite children of all ages to join us in our Scavenger Hunt activity! The Scavenger Hunt will include some meet & greet activities between the kids before we start, and then proceed into the hunt activities. This activity is a great chance for kids to interact with others, learn to work together, and get some education in! All clues and findings are based on educational topics, where kids will learn while playing! As always, adults are encouraged to join in on activities!


Dates: We announce pre-set dates 2 weeks in advance, or gather 10 kids and we'll set it up any time!

Cost: $25 per child, adults free! Price includes refreshments, snacks, and a prize for every child!

Studying Tips: We invite children 10 and up to join us for our studying tips seminar. The seminar is a great way to get your children involved and interested in their own studies. We will explain the importance of studies, doing well in school, and succeeding academically in general, as a well-rounded student. There is no age limit to this program, becasue it is never to early, but we suggest this seminar for students age 10 and up. As always, parents are invited to join in. This seminar will include a speech, some interactive activities, and even a prize for one winner via raffle!


Dates: TBA - We will give you a heads up in time! Please sign up for our email alerts so that you never miss an update!

Cost: $5 per child, adults free!

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