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The foundation of any tutoring service, and of THINK&Co. specifically, is education, and advancing children's abilities to learn.

As educators, learning is more than the necessary evil that our children don't love doing, it is the core of what makes us able, qualified, and proud to our jobs.

Unfortunately, we understand that qualified tutors, such as those that we offer, come at a price, and that sometimes, not everyone can afford it.

We have organized a very special program which allows single mothers or families truly in need provide tutoring for their child, free of charge!


Each month, we accept nominations of a family to receive free access to our on-site group tutoring sessions for three months!

We also run a scholarship fund which provides one student, picked via raffle, with free tutoring for the entire academic year!




Before nominating someone, please read the rules and information below. There are no hidden anythings, but we do ask that this be fair.


  1. Please do not nominate someone who is not actually in need of help, we don't check or anything, but it's just not fair to those who are in need.

  2. You cannot nominate yourself, but you are more than welcome to ask a friend to nominate you.

  3. You must submit a brief bio of the family/child you are nominating.

  4. Nominees must be within our serviced areas of Brooklyn, as our lessons are held in Bensonhurst.

  5. Only one application per child, household, and family.

  6. The winner will be contacted and given three (3) business days to respond. Unfortunately, if they do not respond in such time, they forfeit their win.




Before choosing your services, please remember, the point is to help your child learn.


  1. You will be notified of your win right away, via all the contact information provided. You must respond and accept/deny within 3 business days.

  2. The maximum hold time for using your credits is one weeks (7 days.) If within such time you do not redeem your credit, you unfortunately forfeit your win.

  3. You will be provided with our group sessions schedule, offered for math and reading/writing, and you can choose what works best for you.

  4. What happens after the free three months? You have NO obligation to continue tutoring with us, however, if you choose to continue, we will offer you a deal.

To submit a nomination for the monthly raffle, please click here.

To submit a nomination for the yearly raffle, please email us with the name and contact info of the nominee, as well as your information.

A winner for the year will be selected by November 1st.

Please also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and subscribe for email alerts!



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