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Homework Help

Homework can be a tiresome responsibility for children and parents alike.

Whether your child is having difficulty with the homework load, material, or time management, our homework helpers can help!

The homework helper program is an after-school environment where your child joins us and one of our THINKschool teachers or tutors helps guide them along their homework assignments, explaining and helping where needed!

We make sure your child's homework is not only done but that the material is understood!

We do not recommend homework helpers for students who are significantly behind. If your child struggles with their homework because they are behind on curriculum, the best help for them to succeed is, to begin with tutoring, to pull up their progression!

How it works

1. Choose how long you'd like your homework helper sessions to last (1-2 hours)

1-hour sessions start between 3 and 5 PM | 2-hour sessions start between 3 and 4 PM

2. Drop off your child at our school at your scheduled time and let our homework helpers take it from there!

If your child is done with their homework a bit early, they'll have the time to explore through our school, hang out in the library, play with fellow students, and more, as a reward for their hard work!

(pay as you go)

$270 for 10 hours

Don't want to worry about homework all year?

Get our homework help membership!

$250/month - unlimited after-school homework help
(as long as school is in session; black-out dates apply)

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