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Once you decide on checking out THINK&Co. Tutoring, you will be asked to come in for a schedule evaluation with your child. This evaluation is held at our office in Bensonhurst and is free of charge. You will meet with the coordinator, Shira Shvartsman.

During this evaluation, typically between 60-90 minutes, your child will do some hands-on work, nothing too crazy! This will help us understand a bit about your child, where he/she stands as far as level, and what type of learning structure would fit best. We then match a tutor according to this evaluation. Any questions you may have are also answered at the evaluation as well as a brief breakdown of what the lessons would be like should you choose to work with us!

Should you decide to work with THINK&Co., please let us know either after the evaluation or via email! You will then receive several emails and be given options for payment. We advise all new clients to start at a "Pay-as-you-go" rate, at least for the first sessions or two, to make sure your tutor is the perfect match and to assure you and your child like the services. Then, once you decide to continue working with us, our monthly memberships are discounted, so please take advantage!

All the benefits of being a monthly member can be found on this page!

That's it! Once your lessons begins, your tutor will be able to learn more and more about your child during each lesson and will coordinate lessons and curriculum accordingly to your child! We may ask to speak with your child's teacher(s) and/or obtain a brief breakdown of what they'll be covering in class in the upcoming weeks. Remember, we don't tutor just to tutor for the "now," we tutor to teach your child to learn how to learn! It's important that your child is not only up to date with current work, but even surpassing it! Your child gets homework assignments after each session, as well as periodic quizzes and tests. You should encourage your child to pay just as much attention to their tutoring assignments as they do to their school's. The homework and assignments are important and your tutor has strategically chosen them because they will help you child with something your tutor feels they are lagging in, so please stress the importance of tutoring homework!

If you are a monthly member, you will have access to your child's records at any time online. There will be breakdowns of homework, quizzes, tests, assignments, and overall commentating. Our sessions run on a point system, where your child is rewarded for doing exceptionally well. He/She will receive rewards upon a pre-determined number of points to encourage and motivate excelling in future learning!


  • Personalized and customized one-on-one tutoring sessions, in-home

  • Parents get to rate their tutor(s) and give constant feedback to us!

  • Tutors track progress and email your child's teacher monthly progress reports

  • Progress reports available for parents and teachers at all times

  • THINK&CO. students get discounts to our monthly events and free attendance to our monthly museum trips!

Benefits of Tutoring:

Encourages higher level of thinking
Increases subject-specific knowledge
Provides self-assurance!
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