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We are a team dedicated to teaching the next generation of kids.

Our goal is to not only give your child the tools necessary to

reach their expected academic level, but to guide them towards discovering their full, untapped potential and excelling, all while making lessons fun, exciting, and hands-on!

We instill a respect for education, love of learning,

and a curious mind for years to come!

We are an all-inclusive company offering:

Private tutoring for children in grades K-12

Early childhood learning and Kindergarten prep

Advanced learning for students who have met

grade requirements

Psychological evaluations and therapies

Group workshops and events

Reach out to learn more about our company

and/or to schedule an evaluation!

347-973-9807 (call only please)

Advanced Learning and Tutoring Center




We start at
Age 2!
$100 OFF
your first month!

Advanced Learning for K-5

Tutoring for grades K-12

Early Childhood Learning and Kindergarten Prep

Group workshops and events

Museum Trips and Activities

We teach in

your home

and all of ours

Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn
Bensonhurst, Brooklyn
Financial District, Manhattan
Much more information online!
or call/email us any time:
love learning with us!
Call or Email us for details
and find out why people

Does your child need academic advancement?

We mix the psychology of learning with the art of teaching.

Your child discovers their full potential while having fun!

Grades K-8
Grades 9-12
Early Childhood


that's truly unique!

We teach your kids to explore their abilities

and develop their interests in a creative and unique way!

Early Childhood
Grades K-8
Grades 9-12






Advanced Learning and Tutoring Center

Part 1 Submission

For children ages 2 to 5

including in Kindergarten

We are looking for original artwork created independently by your child with the topic of learning as the theme.

Full details online!

Part 2 Submission

For children ages 6 to 8

In grades 1 through 3

We are looking for an original written piece by your child with a specific prompt. Please find details and prompt online!

Part 3 Submission

For children ages 9 and 10

In grades 4 and 5

We are looking for original short stories written by your child in response to a specific prompt/topics.
Please find details online!

We mix the psychology of learning with the art of teaching.

Shira Shvartsman

We make learning fun.

Advanced Learning and Tutoring Center

Shira Shvartsman

Shira Shvartsman


We hope you are pleased with our service!
You and your child are the most important part of our company and we want to make sure that you are happy with the services we provide!

We value first impressions!
Please take a few minutes to answer some questions about your first class(es) with your new tutor!

1. Was your tutor punctual?
2. How did your child respond to the class(es)?
3. Were there any points that you saw as negative about the tutor or class(es)?
4. Did your tutor assign homework and how is your child responding to it?
5. Have you accessed your online account at

I hope to see your child's lessons going well! Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any concerns or feedback as the lessons progress! I am accessible via email, text, or phone, as well as for in person meetings!

Thank you again for working with us, and trusting your child's progress in our hands!
We hope to make you proud!

Thank you in advance,

Shira Shvartsman
THINK&Co. Advaned Learning and Tutoring Center
917-287-6087 |
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