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Paul Charney

Hey! My name is Paul Charney. I look forward to helping your child in creative ways individualized to her/his personality to reach her/his full academic and intellectual potential by applying my optimism, personal warmth, and ability to relate well to children with my extensive teaching experience, particularly in English, psychology, and American history/social studies. I currently hold a Bachelor's Degree, as well as a Master's Degree from Columbia University.

I have a direct understanding of the hard work and motivation it takes to achieve great academic success and use my personal and professional experience as the foundation of my teaching approach. 

While I currently work as a psychology professor and mainly with adolescents and adults, I most enjoy working one-on-one with children and sparking their creativity and interest. Coming from a background of education, a family of teachers, and my personal background in art studies, I am able to draw on my experiences and always value learning, growing, and intellectual curiosity. I look forward to applying my passion for learning to help your child grow and succeed in life while also having a bit of fun!

If you would like information about working with Paul, please email us!
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