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Registration for our next event will be announced soon!

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THINK&Co. Tutoring welcomes everyone to attend this unique and interactive seminar and workshop to learn about the phonetics in our everyday use of the English language.

Seminar section: includes brief and interesting information about how sounds are created and how they differ between languages, especially for learners of the English language. An introduction to the IPA alphabet and basic phonetic features of how we speak every day will be presented as well.


Workshop section: includes interactive discussions on ways in which phonetics helps children and adults read, write, and speak properly. It will also include suggestions and tips for parents on how to help your child with their reading and writing homework and will also shed some light on how we teach reading/writing at THINK&Co. Tutoring.

You might be surprised at how relateable and informative this seminar and workshop can be!


We welcome adults and children to this event, however, it is primarily catered towards adults and parents.

Come learn something new with us, we promise you won't be bored or disappointed, and will walk away with new information and some pretty cool ways of helping your children learn to read and write!

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