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Each subject is tutored at 1-hour sessions. There is a 2-session (per subject, per week) minimum that we ask our clients to work with.

The services and pricing below are for South Brooklyn areas including:

Mill Basin, Bergen Beach, Sheepshead Bay, Manhattan Beach, Brighton Beach, Bensonhurst, and surrounding areas

If you are seeking services in Downtown Brooklyn areas, including Carroll Gardens, Park Slops, and Red Hook, or Lower Manhattan, click here.

We are dedicated to helping you and your child, and ask you for the commitment to let us be that help.

We require all new clients schedule an evaluation with us for your child prior to beginning services with us.

This evaluation is performed by the founder and helps assess your child's academic levels, personality type, interests, and more,

in order to assure that we match the best tutor for your child specifically!

The evaluation is $75 for one subject, or $95 for two subjects.

Once you sign up, we credit $35 to your first payment.



Academic Tutoring

K-12 (no commitment) - $65/Hour Session

Special Needs Tutoring

Special needs tutoring requires a meeting with

one of our psychologists prior to sessions starting

and is offered to students who have some degree of mental

or behavioral illness.

This type of tutoring is often coupled with therapy at our clinic with a NYS therapist, and many insurances are accepted to cover this cost.

Billed at $95/Session

Continuous Discounts:

10% OFF the second subject (monthly)

Sibling discount: 10% OFF second child


Membership saves over 10% on the lessons,

making one lesson per month free!

This includes 2 sessions per week, 8 per month. 

(Requires a minimum of 3 months commitment, paid monthly)

In office:

2x/week, $420 per month

second subject: $375

At Home:

2x/week, $465 per month

second subject: $415

Standardized Exam Prep

Grades 3-8 State Exams

$65/session $75/session in home


$75/session/ $85/session in home

Your child's ability to excel at a great pace with us is key.

For students in grades K-5, we require a minimum of two sessions per week for each subject. This is because our program is specifically designed for advancement and is highly hands-on. We assign homework, give quizzes and exams, and truly track progress on a real-time system. Elementary leveled students are specifically susceptible to quick learning with the right approach and we believe in teaching it correctly from early on!

For students in grades 6-12, we do allow a mix in subjects, either in the form of once a week one subject and once a week the second subject. This is however only in the event that upon evaluation, we find that your child is able to meet the standards of a once weekly approach for each subject.


For our younger students, ages 2-4.5, we offer our early childhood learning and enrichment program.

The main goal and offer of this program is to advance your child's cognitive understanding and perception of various factors that will become pertinent when they begin school. Starting early on enhancing your child's thinking and learning experience will benefit them in more ways than one.

Our caring tutors work on various aspects with your child, in the comfort of your home or at our office to help develop their skills and prepare them for becoming a well-rounded, creative, and advanced student for the rest of their life.

For more information, click here!

Early childhood development is recommended at a monthly rate.

This is to assure that our program works effectively and provides valuable insight and methodological learning for years to come.

Please check out information on what we cover in these sessions to get a better understanding of this service or reach out to us for more details over the phone!


2x/week, $450 per month

(more information here)


Homework Helpers ........ 1-hour session (in office) - $45  or 1-Hour session (in home) - $50

                                                   1.5-hour session (in office) - $65  or 1.5-Hour session (in home) - $70

                                                2-hour session (in office) - $85  or 2-Hour session (in home) - $90

These tutors are specialized to assist your child with homework assignments, school projects, and other such tasks throughout the year.

This service has a minimum commitment of four times per week at home or at our office. 

Homework Helpers service can be added either as an individual service or as an addition to a tutoring package.

If added as an addition to a tutoring package, 15% discount on Homework Helpers applies!

One-hour sessions:

4 days per week, in office, is a total of $160/week, and at home is a total of $180/week.

5 days per week, in office, is a total of $200 per week, and at home is a total of $225/week.

We also offer psychological testing, such as ADHD screening, Learning Disability testing, and more, at discounted rates for THINK&Co. clients.

For more information, please click here. This can be conducted in-home or at one of our offices throughout New York.

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