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Little Scientists Workshops

With THINK&Co. Tutoring

Workshops include:

  • A new experiment or project each week

  • Professional and entertaining instructors

  • Educational components

  • Group and individual work

  • Snacks and drinks provided


$175/month, all inclusive

WWW.THINK-AND-CO.COM | 347-973-9807

Are you tired of getting teachers' complaints about your child?

Do you struggle with your child's homework and other routines?

Are tasks like going to bed and brushing teeth causing daily battles?

Cover all your bases!

At THINK&Co. Tutoring, we work with our sister company, LG Psych, a private counseling group,

where we have successfully helped many parents with these difficulties to have such

problems resolved or significantly reduced!

  • Professional, NYS licensed counselors/therapists

  • Many insurances accepted

  • Affordable rates for out of network

  • Consultation, out of Network, $100

  • Sessions range $80-$100

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