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Sharon Mordechai

Hello! My name is Sharon! I have earned a Bachelors degree in Psychology and am continuing on to earn my Masters in Early Childhood Education and Special Education. My end goal is to work as a kindergarten teacher!


I have always had a passion of working with children. Over the last several years, I have had the pleasure of working in a variety of programs centered around kids, including afterschool programs as a homework helper and as an assistant teacher. It is my goal to create a frame for children to reach their absolutely highest abilities and give them confidence to be able to achieve anything they believe they can, academically and other. Understanding children’s development is what led me to pursue degrees that are psychologically rooted, to obtain a better understanding of what a child needs to succeed. With a degree at an undergraduate level, I now set forth on a path to learn the educational side to be able to understand children even better and help them grow in their own special ways.


I am looking forward to working with your child to create confidence and success!

If you would like information about working with Sharon, please email us!
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