The Importance of Music [in] Education

By: Samantha Blafford

Recently, the cutting of funding for arts education at schools has been an issue that seems to be growing exponentially. This poses a problem for many students, who are a part of a music conservatory, like myself, who want to make a living by teaching music and performing as well. The reasoning behind some of the cuts are from a nationwide assessment called the Nation’s Report Card, that showed students aren’t excelling as much in the arts compared to other subjects.

Arts education has a lot of benefits for school aged children. It gives younger students a chance to work on responsibility, whether it be learning repertoire or taking care of an instrument. It can also improve memorization skills, since a large part of music is remembering sheet music. This is a skill that can be used in a variety of different subjects in school as well as with varying acts in development. Music can enhance motor skills in hand-eye coordination, just like a sport can, and can also help towards creative thinking. Thinking on a creative level is something that is valued in the future workplace because not everyone possesses this ability. Furthermore, it can help a student’s self-confidence, allowing them to take pride in their work. Most importantly, it builds a sense of teamwork. Singing in a choir or playing in an ensemble requires equal work from all parts of the team. This poses as a challenge for a lot of people, but has great benefits as your child progresses to adulthood.

I was grateful to attend an elementary, middle, and high school that emphasized the importance of arts education and led me to the career I am studying for today. I found a passion in music, and a subject I greatly excelled in. I can only wish that others can find this passion as well, because it has had such a positive effect on my life, both in a personal way as well as a part of my teaching tactics, for any subject.

Music education is something that I feel strongly about and incorporate into teaching my students at THINK&Co. It acts as an outlet for many children when they’re stressed or just need creative expression. For this reason, I strongly believe that everyone should consider incorporating music into their child’s life, allowing its benefits to enhance the child’s learning abilities and personal development.
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