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At THINK&Co., our tutors are part of our family.

We send each tutor with full confidence to work with your family.

Each tutor has their own specialty and background, but we assure you that if a tutor works with us at THINK&Co. Tutoring, we have the utmost confidence in their ability to present our programs and methodologies properly to help your child learn and advance by our standards.


We understand that when you hire a tutor for your child, you are opening the doors of your home and allowing a stranger to work with the nearest and dearest part of your life, your child.

We take that responsibility seriously when hiring people to join our team.


We also pride ourselves on being a predominantly female team. It is an important part of our dynamic to grow and achieve more as young, educated, and nurturing women. Aside from the training that each tutor receives, natural maternal instincts are at play with our tutors, too! We hope to help educate your children in a world where each child, male or female, knows that they can reach the stars if they fight for flight.

To learn more about each tutor, scroll down and click the link below their name to view their profile.

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