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Anna Klinova

Hi, I’m Anna! I consider myself an energetic and driven educator. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences, with a double minor in psychology and learning disabilities, as well as currently working toward a graduate degree in School Psychology and Behavior Therapy at Long Island University.


My lifelong dream was to choose a career in which I can make a difference in children's lives, and I plan to do just that working as a tutor at THNK&Co. I believe through the adolescence lifespan, children need a positive mentor who is able to educate them and create a positive teaching environment for learning and development. This is the understanding by which I work with my students and my own daughter as well.


The combination of my determination, problem solving abilities, and vast experiences are applicable to what I believe is the role of a successful tutor for your child. I thank you for the opportunity to work with your family and look forward to getting started!

If you would like information about working with Anna, please email us!
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