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Early Childhood

Learning and Kindergarten Prep


For parents of younger students, aged 2-4, we offer a unique service with our Early Childhood Learning and Enrichment Program. Sessions are held similarly to those of tutoring, however, includes a variety of topics, rather than one subject.

Early Childhood lessons work on a spectrum of topics and skills that your tutor works on with your child!

Mathematics Concepts Letter Association Phonetic articulation and Sound Development Learni


$700 for 10 sessions!

As your child grows and gets closer to preschool and kindergarten age, the spectrum leads into our


Many students enter kindergarten and school unprepared for both the environment and the materials taught.

Our Kindergarten Prep program helps give your child a leg up and a bit of a head start so that they enter the school environment prepared and ready to grow and learn.


Through this program, THINKsters are taught reading and math skills to help them easily adapt to the

NYS curriculum once they enter kindergarten.

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