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Did you know we have a private elementary school?

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In 2020, we launched THINKschool to combat the attack on education students faced amidst Covid.

We are taking years of knowledge at THINK&Co. Advanced Learning along for the ride to offer what we call the revolutionary school model. Fueled by a passion for recreating the ideals of education, our program offers the best of the available scholarly research and understanding of the field applied to an interactive, hands-on, and out-of-the-box curriculum.

We are not your typical school, and our students are far from typical, too. Our program is best suited for families seeking a different kind of education for their children. Our curricula and modalities for teaching are the perfect fit for families who understand that society is changing quickly and that a child's experiences in school should be complementary to adapting to a new world rather than being stuck in the typical standard. We do not practice Common Core, its standards, subject matter, curricula, or teaching strategies.

Instead, we teach students in the moment and allow them to flourish through their interests and skills while learning foundational knowledge.

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