Academic tutoring

Our Academic Tutoring includes offers subject tutoring taught in New York State school systems,
including the Common Core and private school specific systems.
Each student receives an initial evaluation and assessment with the founder,
which is then used to create an individualized program and to match the perfect tutor for your child.
Our tutors are trained to detect students’ levels as well, so your child will always receive services tailored to his/her specific needs as they continue to progress.
Below you will find a brief breakdown of our offered subjects and details about our lessons.

As a company, we specialize in reading, writing, and general English Language Arts.
We offer subjects for tutoring in Mathematics, Sciences, History, and other standard school subjects!

What’s Included?

Each lesson is planned as part of a program designed specifically for your child’s needs and interests.
We pride ourselves on our methods grounded in linguistic, psychological, and academic approaches.

All lessons with us include individual variations of:
Academic Projects – which include artistic development as well as academic instruction and application
Activity Lessons – which turn a general lesson into something a child can look forward to and engage in
Interactive Games – Unique games are a big part of lessons, especially with practicing newly-learned material
Out of the Box Materials – we like to think outside the box. A book is a great tool but sometimes, a change of scenery is a great boost.
We utilize varying materials including arts and crafts materials, cookies and candies, and much more, to draw your child in to learning!

We plan our program based on your child’s individual needs, coupled with the school they attend.
Having familiarity with each school’s curriculum and approach, we branch information from specific programs, such as Singapore Math, and intertwine them with our approaches to assure your child receives a balance of tutoring that helps progress them in school as well as on a general and logical academic level.

Tutoring is offered for students in grade K-12, in all school settings.
We also offer a service called Advanced Learning, wherein the goal is specifically to advance students past their current grade level. For more information on Advanced Learning, click here.

Is your child in High School? It’s time to start thinking about college!
We offer CAP, our specialized program for students interested for a getting a head start on college admissions.
Our College Admissions Prep helps students with the most important steps towards college and how to become a desirable applicant.
CAP is available for students of all High School grade levels. Learn more here.