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Angelika Yeretskaya

Hi! My name is Angelika! As a lifelong learner, I truly believe that children start fully grasping concepts at a very young age that will stay with them throughout the years, and I have a true passion for developing and enhancing these concepts, so when it came time to choose a field of study, I knew the best option was to study Speech Pathology and Early Childhood Education, to do my part in creating a lifelong dream of educating and helping the next generation.


I have worked with both private clients as well as with small and large groups for the past several years, but find one-on-one tutoring most beneficial and rewarding. I value my ability to build trust with each student and a true dedication to their progress is what helps me create the perfect teaching environment for them to thrive in. There is no greater joy than seeing a student grasp a topic and apply it in their every-day lives, and most importantly, to see them enjoying the process.


Thank you for the chance to help your child and I look forward to meeting and working with you!

If you would like information about working with Angelika, please email us!
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