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Pre-Registration open for the next school year, September 2017

For many parents like you, public schools are not the right fit for your family, and private school might not be a preferred option either.

In recent years, many families have opted in for the homeschooling option as it helps you customize the way your child is taught

to assure that he or she is getting all the information and knowledge needed, but on your terms.

Have you ever considered homeschooling for your child, but questioned whether you would be able to provide the lessons yourself?

As the demand for homeschooling gets larger, we have acted upon it.

We are now offering a fully customizable program for homeschooling for children of all ages.

With our program, you get all the benefits of private school but with a truly individualized education, at your child's level.

(Available in small classroom sizes of 4-6 students, or privately)

Our program follows New York State curriculum however it is tailored to our own methods, approaches, and curriculum standards.

We do not believe in making it easy for kids, instead, we believe in challenging your child with logic, creativity, and imagination to surpass standardization prevalent in many schools today. With us, your child develops their identity, advances their academic knowledge, and delves deep into learning more about the things that will help shape them in the following years.

Your child will be ready for any state-mandated exams to prove competency required for homeschooling students in New York State, but will also learn more about themselves

and their capabilities to succeed and develop into well-educated, well-read, and forward thinking young adults.

And when it comes time for college, we'll be there, too!

Teachers meet and surpass New York State requirements for homeschooling

and each bring our unique methodology into the classes, as well as each one's unique approaches.

Because THINK&Co. Tutoring comes from a psychological background, students in our homeschooling program would have the added benefit of full evaluations,

options for clinical assistance should the need arise, as well as teachers who are trained to recognize various attributes of your child's progress and development during classes.

While we recommend starting homeschooling at a young age, we are currently accepting registration for students who will be between grades K-6 by September 2017.

We are creating a planned curriculum to disperse to interested parents in the next few weeks but if you would be interested in more information,

please submit the pre-registration form below and we will reach out with more details and information!

Brief Breakdown of Planned Curriculum:

5 classes per day, each 45 minutes long with a 15 minute snack and bathroom break

Five days per week, 1 class in each of the following subjects required:

English Language Arts



World/American History


Three days per week:

the 5th class is a foreign language

2 day per week, choose one from below:

the 5th class twice a week is your choices of either art, world cultures, Russian culture, technology, drama/theater, or sport

Preliminary Pricing Information:

For one-on-one classes, we charge $35/hour in our office, of $45/hour in your home

(with a minimum of 4 hours per day to abide by NYS law)

For homeschooling in groups, we offer this at our offices, for $30/hour/child

(with a minimum of 4 kids and a maximum of 6 kids per class)

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