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                 A TUTOR WHO UNDERSTANDS

                         YOUR CHILD'S NEEDS...


               it's what THINK&CO. is all about. 


Learning disabilities do not have to define your child, and your child should not have to identify as a student with learning disabilities. There are specialized study techniques and methods that our tutors are trained to provide. Our tutors come from psychological backgrounds and all have experience working with students who have learning disabilities. We work on a system and it is proven effective!



Learning disabilities include anything from dyslexia to language processing disorder (LPD) and we have tutors equipped to study with and provide help for all variations of learning disabilities. Our qualified and caring tutors have a proven-effective approach that can help your child success academically.


ADHD disorder requires specific approaches and teaching modalities in order to assure the best results. Our AHDH tutors come directly from a psychotherapy background and use widely known methods, as well as those that THINK&CO. uses, to assure the best results in a caring exchange.


Our tutors are qualified to work with students ranging in other disorders as well, such as Dyspraxia, Executive Functioning, and those associated with memory.

Again, our methods create a specific dynamic plan to get your child ahead and as progressed academically as possible.

More information about learning disabilities, ADHD, and related disorders can be found on our Good To know Page.


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We also offer professional psychological testing for learning disabilities, ADHD, and more.

In concordance with LG Psych, we provide qualified and professional clinicians to perform testing. Learn more here.

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